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Centre the SightRight - use the plumb line to get the white SightRight line centre to the bullseye

(See FIG 1). Place the SightRight darts aid with the lower end of the ‘Step’ nearest the wall. SightRight is designed

to make you stand in exactly the same place, with perfect dart vision time and time again.

2 Take your normal position at the oche then look at the SightRight - what do you see? (See FIG 2)

a) Can you see a broken or kinked line or

b) Can you see a continuous straight white line?

3 Re-position yourself so that you can only see a perfect straight line (See FIG 3) and start to throw at the treble

20. You are looking to get straight darts into the board from your new throwing position. Don’t worry (yet) about

where they land, just how straight they are, on entry and flight.

4 If you are happy that your darts are straight and you are playing from your SightRight’d aiming position,

continue to play and practice as normal as much as you can with your SightRight. You may need to re-train the

feel and weight in your throw. The bigger the correction in your sighting and position at the oche, the more you

will notice the difference in the weight of your throw.

TIP: Once your aiming has been corrected, pay close attention to your NEW foot position at the oche. This will

allow you to be SightRight’d when playing without the aid in competitions, etc.

What about aiming for doubles

Once SightRight’d you do not need to move - turn towards the double/treble/single you want to hit and your

body will pivot perfectly, left or right, like shooting a gun. You will have to train the new weight of your throw,

as you’re now symmetrical to every point on the dartboard, as opposed to throwing from different distances.

You will no longer have short and long ‘opposite’ doubles which makes it easier to hit them. Your darts should

now be straight going into the double bed dramatically reducing blocked doubles. (See FIG 4)

My darts are still not straight?

You’re probably still slightly offline technically in your throw and that needs correcting. Stand more side on

to the dartboard until your darts straighten - your foot may end up at 90 degrees to the oche. The effect of

turning your foot ‘side on’ will bring your throwing arm into line with your eyes.

Darts still not straight after changing your stance?

Now that you’re sighting and technique are perfectly in line, check that your grip and hand angle are not

affecting your throw. Go back to basics - hold the dart like you would a pen pointing straight down the

target line.

Your back swing and throw

You may need to control / shorten your back swing to ensure you throw the dart from in front of your eyes i.e.

not from the side of your head. This will help to develop an accurate throw in front of your eyes and enable you

to actually start seeing along the flight of the dart as you improve. Some players may prefer shorter shafts to

keep their throw in front of their eyes. The easiest way to get the dart position in front of your eyes, is to look

into a mirror holding your darts.

On-Line Instruction

You can view our coaching / instructional video on

Winmau SightRight 2