L-Style Rings

L-Style Back Balance Champagne Caps

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Champagne Ring with a 0.4g piece of tungsten in it. This allows to add weight to the rear of the dart. So it is perfect for those seeking to add weight to the back of the dart or for those who feel their darts wobbling in the air or for those who just want to add weight to their dart in general.


Steel tip players who see their darts land with the back high up might notice the biggest difference.
Only meant for use with L-style Champagne flight system.

L-Style Champagne Caps

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We cleared all the obstacles to complete this product.

By the development of the Champagne Ring, FLIGHT L has made tremendous progress and is now one of our flagship products to proudly present to the world.

*Champagne Ring may break when used on Hardboard.

Comes in set of 6

L-Style Premium Champagne Caps

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Pack of 3 Premium Metal Champagne Rings

With their premium coatings, these Champagne Rings will help you stand out from the crowd!
L-Style Champagne Rings ensure maximum flight-to-shaft coupling, prevent "Robin-Hooding" and protect the tines of your shafts!
Can be used with steel tip or soft tip darts
Can be used with L-Style Champagne Flights ONLY

L-Style Shell Lock Caps

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Pack of 6 Shell Lock Rings (Caps)

Only work with traditional flights

Use the shell lock punch on your traditional flights to use the shell lock rings - Champagne Caps will NOT work