L-Style Points - Lippoint

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Comes in packs of 6


This revolutionary developed Carbon material tip conversion,
patented by our laboratory at L-style, weighs the same and works
as effectively as the soft tip conversions. The hard or virtually
unbreakable soft tips have no change in weight or balance and
makes possible for soft tip users to convert to hard tip usage.
Because the hard tip works like the soft but is effective ONLY on
traditional bristle boards, users may use this hard lip conversion
to practice with the soft lightweight dart.

Comes in 2 types Short and Long.

*Length (not including thread):
Short: 1 inch (25mm)
Long: 1.2 inch (30mm)

L-Style Lippoints

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Package of 50 points

A beautiful silhouette and a tough body--

A Sophisticated and beautiful silhouette makes your darts look hot. Its unique molding
processed tip is strong so it prevents the first throw from hanging onto the dartboard and getting in the way of the second throw. A mirror-like finished tip is made so that it is gentle on the dartboard and prevents bounce backs yet easy to pull out.

From several coloring tests, varieties of color are chosen to keep the lineup aesthetically colored. Normal tips are in pastel colors and short tips are in darker colors.

*Length (not including thread): 1 inch (25mm)

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Approximately 50 points

The short lip comes in all 6 colors (white, snow, black, shocking pink, violet and orange).

By shortening the overall length, it sticks in on the board even more smoothly.
However, it still keeps all the advantages of the regular lippoint which are the mirror-like finish at the tip, the non-slip finish for smooth release and the high precision screw for tight holdings.
*Length (not including thread): 0.9 inch (22mm)