Winmau Stratos Dual Core Soft Tip Darts

Winmau Stratos Dual Core 18g Soft Tip Darts

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Darts travel along a parabolic curve and are subject to the Earth's gravitational pull through their Center of Gravity (CoG). Darts tracking a true trajectory will experience uniform airflow over the flight and less movement in the air, providing more consistent angles of penetration. Dual Core technology provides a front-weighted bias and optimum CoG. This radically improves the trajectory to deliver unsurpassed flight dynamics and allowing players to achieve an optimal flight path. Stratos Dual Core technology combines advanced ballistic theory with innovative super alloy metallurgy. Manufactured with ground breaking sintering processes to produce the world's first Dual Core tungsten billets, these darts feature uniquely fused 95% tungsten alloy at the front with 85% alloy at the rear. The stunning look and performance of the dart is complete with an extra tough Onyx coating. Professional Level