FatCat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts

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The Fat Cat Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are designed to be used with any sisal dart board. The best darts are made out of Tungsten due to it’s incredible durability and high density, this allows for the darts to be made slimmer for tighter groupings. Each Fat Cat Bulletz barrel is wrapped with knurled bands and grooved rings to allow your fingers to maintain a solid grip and return to the same position for each throw. This set comes with three fully assembled darts, an extra three nylon shafts, a dart mechanic repair tool, and a slim hard-shell case. 90% Tungsten Barrels - The choice of any pro darter, tungsten darts are more durable than nickel or brass darts, and have a slim profile for tighter shot groupings and higher scores Knurled Grip - Each barrel features three heavily knurled bands, each separated by deep cut rings for a strong and consistent grip Nylon Dart Shafts - Convex nylon shafts are durable and lightweight so your darts aren’t weighed down Slim Case - Hard-shell compact dart case keeps your darts safe and secure wherever you go Included - Three fully assembled steel tip darts, three extra shafts, dart mechanic repair tool, and hard-shell slim case