FatCat Deluxe Steel Tip Darts

FatCat Deluxe 23g Steel Tip Darts

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Take your game to the next level when you bring the Fat Cat Deluxe Steel Tip Darts, designed for use with sisal dart boards. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from a tough plated alloy. Constructing the darts in this fashion allows us to bring you tough, weighted barrels without breaking the bank. Plating the barrel is a method that has been used in construction for its high end appearance and durability at a lower cost. We use this alloy to provide the highest quality barrels at the best cost to you. Each barrel possesses heavily knurled bands, deep grooves and hand-painted rings, allowing your grip to remain consistent throw after throw. The Deluxe Darts feature tough, lightweight nylon shafts. Finally, each dart is finished off with deluxe holographic designs adorning each flight, for a premier look on each dart. Each set includes three flights, six shafts, and a slim case.