Harrows Takehiro Suzuki Saru King Soft Tip Darts

Harrows Saru King 2 19g Soft Tip Darts

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Saru King 2 90%

Softip darts are 19g barrel weight (complete weight  20.8g).

Takehiro Suzuki has played a major part in the design and development of his new 2018 signature dart - Saru King 2. 

Featuring our new Electus cut and an inverted, hexagonal front profile, Saru King 2 focuses on exceptional grip and control.  Red metallic coating, combined with colour co-ordinated flights and shafts complete this visually stunning new dart.

Harrows Saru King 2 80% 19g Soft Tip Darts

Harrows Darts
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Tornado 2 and Saru King 2 - 80% Tungsten Softip darts

Following the release of the second generation Takehiro Suzuki and Shingo Enomata signature darts this summer, we have worked with them to develop 80% softip tungsten models.

The barrel profiles and cuts are similar, with a few minor changes to make them perfect for intermediate players.

Harrows Saru King Revolution 95% 21g Soft Tip Darts

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Takehiro Suzuki has introduced his trademark tri-colour design to the new Saru King Revolution 95% tungsten darts.

Contoured front cuts and a rear ringed, combination grip create a positive feel to the dart. The striking red, gold and black metallic coating, embedded within these cuts, give the set an eye-catching finish. At Tak's request, the internal centre of gravity is set back 1mm towards the rear.