Harrows Shingo Enomata The Tornado Soft Tip Darts

Harrows The Tornado 19g Soft Tip Darts

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Shingo Enomata’s ‘The Tornado’ darts have pushed the boundaries of dart production to a new level. A complex
combination of blue titanium nitride coating, precise milling, concave machining and re-cutting results in a new, revolutionary concave segmented grip which gives players perfectly refined, multi-directional control.

Harrows Tornado 2 19.5g Soft Tip Darts

Harrows Darts
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Tornado 2 90%

Softip darts are 19.5g barrel weight (complete weight  21.3g).

Building on the success of his original Tornado barrel released last year, Shingo has gone a step further in the design of his signature 2018 dart - Tornado 2. 

The combination of unique spearhead milling and precise rear rings creates two distinctive grip zones on this mid-weighted barrel, perfect for players who demand optimum control.   The subtle front step grip is designed to increase consistent finger positioning. 

Purple metallic coating, combined with colour co-ordinated flights and shafts complete this visually stunning new dart.

Harrows Tornado 2 80% 19.5g Soft Tip Darts

Harrows Darts
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Tornado 2 and Saru King 2 - 80% Tungsten Softip darts

Following the release of the second generation Takehiro Suzuki and Shingo Enomata signature darts this summer, we have worked with them to develop 80% softip tungsten models.

The barrel profiles and cuts are similar, with a few minor changes to make them perfect for intermediate players.