Gran Board Dash Soft Tip Dart Board

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  • The next generation of home electronic dartboards.
  • Use your own iPhone, iTablet, Android, or Smart TV for graphics and scoring
  • New games will be added with free app upgrades
  • Runs on 2 AA Batteries – play with it anywhere!
  • Registers darts that hit the outer scoring area of the board.
  • 9 Levels of Play against the computer
  • Plays Cricket, 01 Games, Count-Up, Half It, Animal Battle (vs. Computer)
  • Dimensions: 21-3/4" x 19-3/4" x 1-3/16"
  • 2 Sets of Darts, Hanging Instructions and screws
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Plastic (Body), Wood (Back Cover)
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth: MUST have Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with GRAN BOARD. iOS
  • Compatible iOS: Later than iOS7 iPhone: iPhone4s or Later, iPad: iPad3 or Later, and iPod Touch: iPod Touch 5th Generation or Later Smart TV Android
  • Compatible Android OS: Ver4.3 or Later Google: Nexus5, Nexus7 *Only 2013 Version Nexus Series or Later ASUS: MeMo Pad7 ME170C, MeMO Pad7 ME176C.
  • Not compatible with Amazon Fire.

On Oct 25, GRAN DARTS released new version 5.3.1 of GRAN BOARD application, which has updated three very excellent and interesting aspects of the app.

 1. New Party Game-Fun Mission, everyone with different dart levels can enjoy this game and have a great time with friends!

 2. New Practice Game-Rotation, everyone with different dart levels can improve their throwing accuracy via this game!

 3. New QR entry function-Just by a quick scanning via smartphone, family or friends can easily log in your GRANBOARD app, so you can have fun together!

GranBoard 3 Soft Tip Dart Board

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Gran Board 3 - The Best Darts Experience at Your Home! Now with LED lights effects!

New Features 1:
The micro usb port below the GRAN BOARD 3 is connected to the power supply or power bank, this is to lights up the cool LED on the outer/number ring, it will produce a variety of linkage LED effects with the award animation. It is very exciting, and every dart thrown has various styles of luminous effects. It is very addictive and you can't stop playing at all.

* The LED lights in the outer/number ring also support with global on-line game, no matter opponent is using Gran Board 2 or Gran Board Dash, in short, there will be no incompatibility.

* The luminous effects appears and disappear in the blink of an eye , which will not interfere the number figures on the board or lost focusing on dart games respectively.

* Power bank is compatible to be used as a power source to activate LED lights.

* Deactivate LED effects with removed external power supply to the board.
Use AA batteries to operate Gran board 3 without LED effects.

New Features 2 (optional product):
At the same time, GRAN LED dart mat/carpets can also be connected and linked with Gran Board 3 for luminous effects. The colorful LED lights from the mat/carpet can drive up the darting atmosphere to a new higher level.

New Features 3 (optional product):
Finally, you have an option to connect the smart light bulb Hue to the ultimate magical scene. The atmosphere of the audience can be instantly ignited. Just like being in a rave party, you can use the GRAN BOARD3 to create a colorful world in your own home.


The most sellable electronic Dartboard that connects you to the world. Download Application for tablets, smartphones, Wireless connection using Bluetooth and enjoy the world match play. The best quality home use Online Dartboard brings you maximum darting experience!

Features of GRAN BOARD

    1. GRAN BOARD - Hardware -
  “No Need Bluetooth Pairing” GRAN BOARD has Bluetooth4.0, so you it doesn’t require pairing before starting connection. Start GRAN BOARD and turn on the power of GRAN BOARD. Then Bluetooth connection automatically starts. Because of no need to pair with device, you can use some devices to connect to GRAN BOARD without troublesome steps.

  "Low Energy Consumption”
Bluetooth4.0 is another name for “Bluetooth Low Energy” which is innovative technology developed to reduce energy use. GRAN BOARD needs only 2 AA batteries to work about 3 and half months to 6 month. You don’t need to consider a place nearby a socket. Carry GRAN BOARD out to a friend house, or even outside home party! You enjoy GRAN BOARD anywhere you want!

GRAN BOARD does Bluetooth connection to a device with original profile, a device doesn’t recognize GRAN BOARD as a keyboard. For example, there is no worry that OS keyboard doesn’t show up while using other app.

GRAN BOARD 2 is well developed for being quiet. First there are absorbent materials in all 82 segments. Also a backboard is processed punching on it. Holes on a backboard prevent amplification inside the board and release hitting shock sound. GRAN BOARD guarantees the higher quality of quietness in the home-use electronic dartboard.

  "Outer Sensor”
GRAN BOARD 2 is able to judge OUT like a bar darts machine. You can go a game very fluently with Outer Sensor. Outer Sensor can be change sensitivity on GRAN BOARD App. If using heavier darts and mis-judge OUT, it can be solved by changing sensitivity of Outer Sensor.

  “Maintenance Parts Availability”
We supply GRAN BOARD Maintenance Parts: segments, protection mats, change button, and so on. You can get from nearby dealer shops.

    2. GRAN BOARD - Software -
  “Play Data Storage"
GRAN BOARD interlocks with the distributing processed cloud sever system. Play data is not preserved and managed not within GRAN BOARD App but in the cloud sever. You can change a phone or tablet without losing your play data. Downloading the app and Logging in, play data is automatically carried from the sever to your device.

  “Group Sharing”
Play data is managed in cloud sever, so play data share is available. Invite friends in a group and share play data like recent stats and other items!

  “Guest List”
You can play with your friends (MUST have an account) visiting your home by registering on Guest List. Friends registering on Guest List can also send play data to the sever, and show up on My Page in real time.

It is able to see rankings of My Group, Country, and Global. They show up Best 50 and your ranks in different games and awards.

Wallpapers, award movies, and hit sounds are able to customize. These are managed in the sever, so new wallpapers, movies, and sounds are automatically added without update. Also

  ”5 Players Available”
In an account, 5 players is available. Each player can store its own player data in the sever. For example, a person have a some Dartslive cards. To change and make a player, please visit My Page. Have GRAN BOARD, Jump Out to the World!