Target Lorraine Winstanley Steel Tip Darts

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As used by Lorraine Winstanley, these 90% Tungsten darts have been designed in collaboration with Lorraine to ensure they were the perfect dart for her throw. Featuring radial grooves and coated in Black Titanium Nitride, these darts offer Lorraine the grip and feel she requires whilst providing long lasting barrel protection. Complete with Pro Grip black shaft, and Lorraine Winstanley Vision.Ultra flight.
Alongside the launch of her barrels, we are also pleased to reveal the Lorraine Winstanley Vision.Ultra flights which have been designed to sit perfectly within the Lorraine Winstanley dart. The striking purple and black colour scheme has been printed on a translucent material which allows for greater 'vision' and enhances the flights colour and style. Featuring Spot UV technology to enhance flight to shaft grip. Available in shapes NO6, NO2, Kite & Ten-X.