We are excited to announce the latest in shaft technology from Shot Darts. Manufactured from a robust and resilient carbon compound these shafts will go the distance, in more ways than one.

The tapered midsection of this ultralight aerodynamically superior shaft provides additional grip for those who prefer to throw from the very back of the dart area.

Tao Carbon shafts are fitted with a spring ring for unrivalled grip with the paired flight, and are tested in house by and for uncompromising players. Available in three popular lengths. 

Tao (Tay-oh) means spear, javelin, lance in Te Reo Maori (Maori Language) 

Measurement: Does not include thread. 

Shot Tao Carbon In Between Dart Shafts

Shot Tao Carbon Medium Dart Shafts

Shot Tao Carbon Short Dart Shafts