Unicorn Epic Soft Tip Dart Points 50ct

Unicorn Darts
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Unicorn Epic Soft Tip Replacement Dart Points

  • Innovative design with horizontal and vertical bi-directional grip patterns for outstanding grip.
  • Flexible for improved grouping and less vibration
  • Made from durable acetal engineering thermoplastic
  • Longlife

A strong choice for the improved dart player.

Unicorn Sigma HS Blue Conversion Points

Unicorn Darts
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Sigma HS 7075 Converta points are made of aviation grade aluminum which is able to match most steel alloys in terms of strength, and is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available.

  • Blue Titanium Coating
  • Sigma Certified
  • Light, Strong and Durable
  • UniBoffin Approved
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What is Volute™?

Unicorn's new 36mm Volute points incorporate a revolutionary CNC helix design, amplifying sisal hold and minimizing sisal separation and displacement.

For maximum grip, each ‘Groove’ version point has 7 machined finger grip grooves.

What is the benefit of Unicorn Volute steel points?

Our unique Volute dart points disrupt the surface area of the steel dart point, resulting in less resistance upon entering the dartboard when compared to standard dart points.  Once the Volute point is embedded in the sisal, it utilizes the properties of the sisal and, united with the helix design, grips more effectively reducing fall-outs.