Red Dragon Arron Monk 22g Steel Tip Darts

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The rejuvenated Arron Monk, 27, is back in the big time having grabbed his Tour Card back in Q School and working harder than ever. Having regularly beaten all the top guys at one stage or other Arron is focused on getting back to his best. Arron has always had a clear picture in his mind of what the perfect Darts look like for him, and with Red Dragon's design flair Arron's new darts are nothing short of stunning and superbly functional. Arron said "When I was getting fitted for these darts I wanted a really modern nose with superb grip, and basically that's what I've got. The nose allows me to stack the darts close and as I have big hands so I wanted the darts to feel thin enough but not too much like a knitting needle and that's exactly what these darts are. The design finish in green coating was a masterstroke by the Team at Red Dragon and they really suit who I am and my game" Arron's Green PVD Dual Ring Cut darts are ready for you to add your blend of muscle and power just like Arron.