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The Viper Black Obsidian Sisal Dartboard is our flagship dartboard. The name refers to this dartboard’s rich black colors and razor-thin spider wire that gives you the most playing surface area possible, and it’s 100% staple-free. This steel tip dartboard has superior construction, starting with its Grade A Kenyan sisal fiber, which gives it more vibrant colors and top-of-the-line self-healing properties. The sisal biscuits that assemble the board are paper wound, instead of plastic, for a smoother sanding and finishing process. It also eliminates craters and creates a more even playing surface so your darts stick to the dartboard consistently. The Viper Black Obsidian dartboard is accredited by the World Dart Federation as an official tournament-ready dartboard, meeting all of their strict standards. It has a 17.75” diameter target area and is 1.5” thick, consistently sized double and triple segments, and a properly centered bullseye. It’s a professional dartboard that is perfect for any player.
  • WDF Accredited - Officially recognized by the World Dart Federation as a tournament-ready dartboard, meeting their stringent quality standards
  • Grade A Kenyan Sisal - You get top of the line self-healing, the most vibrant colors, and the cleanest look with this paper-wound grade A Kenyan sisal
  • Razor-Thin Spider Wire - Maximizes surface area to virtually eliminate bounce-outs and deflections
  • Professional Build - 17.75” playing surface, 1.5” thick, with a rotating number ring, consistent spider-wire thickness, and precise target alignment
  • Easy Setup - Includes mounting hardware, a throwline measuring tape, and dartboard levelers to make sure your dartboard is set up perfectly on any surface
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Keep track of your dart game score with the easy-to-use Viper Magna Score 3-in-1 Magnetic Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard! This magnetic scoreboard lets you play cricket or 01 games in style with its interchangeable scoring strips. You can play with 2 to 6 players which is perfect for any game. This scoreboard includes 3 magnetic dry erase markers so you can customize the board to your liking on an easy to clean surface. Without needing any holes for installation, this board is easy to mount and its crisp, clean design goes with any decor.
  • Fun Games - Play your favorite dart games including 01 and cricket with up to 2 to 6 players at a time!
  • Customizable Magnetic Scoreboard - Change out numbers instantly with the interchangeable scoring strips for a fresh way to play. Customize to your liking by writing your own numbers in the middle column as well!
  • Clean Design - Write and clean your scores with ease. The clean design allows for personalized playing and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Quick and Easy Installation - The magnetic backing allows for fast and easy installation with no holes necessary and even simpler removal.
  • Accessories Included - Comes with 3 long-lasting magnetic dry erase markers with a strong hold for easy access, 3 magnetic scoring strips, an adhesive backing for easy mounting and an ideally sized scoreboard (L 15.5" x W 11.78").