L-Style Fantom

You may have seen us promoting a new product called the "Fantom." But we haven't shown what the product is yet and we wanted to let you know first before social media.

 This is going to be a new flight series to be added with the PRO, EZ and KAMI.

Some features include:

- Extremely durable: This will be the most durable flight material we have molded to date

- New crisp and clear colors: We have finally produced clear colored flights instead of the usually milky clear colors we have.

- Will be an EZ flight with the premolded champagne ring


While we have always focused on the durability of our flights, we know we can always do better. Our goal with this flight is to market it as although our flights and shafts are separate pieces it ultimately leads to more customization and less expensive to replace one part. We believe this series of flights will lead to replacing more shafts rather than flights.