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Winmau WhizLock Black Caps

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Review from - Rumandcork

Using these for last couple of weeks and I do like them. I don’t think it’s the best flight locking mechanism singularly, but they have completely eliminated my robins with the McCoy’s. I was sticking a shaft a day nearly for couple weeks prior to Mr. Jeff Bowman and the crew at Darting Around comping me a set off these. Now I haven't calculated the total number of throws-easily 5000- but I haven’t had a single hood since starting them.

Another benefit of these is from a tuning aspect. Different barrel styles and lengths perform better with a particular rear end setup that balances the dart in flight allows the thrower to finesse the dart in ways specific to their throw. That being said, the Whizlock allows you to add just a bit of weight to the very end of the dart. Any darter that likes to experiment with tuning will appreciate this.

The Whizlock works well with all nylons but the clear and fluro bubbles do not work with the Whizlock. The flight grooves are cut to shallow to accept the cap with the flight. But it can be made to work if you punch the flight closer to the end. They fit snugly onto the shaft but can loosen a bit after a couple of throws. You’ll know if they are because they'll jingle when you pull them from the board. I always tap my flight ends snug after I pull my darts so that’s not an issue personally. I'll also mention I’ve only had 2 or 3 flights pop-off while using these also, but the cap stays in the flight.

They can also be used simultaneously with rings… which I like because; together I think they become the best flight locking system. Also doubling up allows you to really load the tail. Used together, the flight is extremely taught.

The price is minimal for the caps and the punch itself is around 15 bucks or so which is far better than others.
Overall, handy kit… Affordable, no fuss has multiple uses, and works like it says. I’m going to buy more with my next order from

Review from - Bigbob44

From: FL, USA
Would you buy them: Yes
It was easy to use did not get any robin hood with it which is great! I do not like the fact that you can only get them for nylon shafts would love it if you could get them for other shafts!


Review from - KC Jones

From: IL, USA
Would you buy them: No
I liked the idea behind the product. That they are supposed to protect the flight and also hold them more securely!

Not sure if it was a product issue or a error on the part of the person who punched the flights. But had one that would never seat properly on my shaft. Always fell off or creased the flight trying to push it down far enough to seat it.


Review from - Polarbear

From: GA, USA
Would you buy them: Yes

Nice snug fit against the shaft. Holds the flights on very well. It only works with Nylon Shafts