Unicorn James Wade Ultra Core Barrel Steel Tip Darts

Unicorn Darts
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Utilising CTT (Core Transfer Technology), Ultracore can be ergonomically optimised with 16 different combinations of weight and balance to suit your particular grip position and throwing technique.

  • 90% tungsten nickel alloy
  • 3 Sigma Ultra Ti screw in 25mm titanium nose cones
  • 3 Checkout Finger Grip soft tips
  • Actual player patterns
  • Purist wallet
  • Engraved Unicorn hallmark
  • Converts from steel tip to soft tip
  • Can be configured with all-up weight from 17g-26g
  • Interchangable tungsten and polymer inserts enabling multiple weight and balance combinations
  • All components included
Darts Endorsed By James Wade
Dart Colour Natural
Dart Material 90% Tungsten