Harrows Spina Gold Soft Tip Darts

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Spina is a concept borne out of the idea to create a dart focusing on perfect balance, along with a powerful grip. Using rigorous machining techniques, we have created a dart for players who demand optimum feel and consistency.

The reverse-hook cut on the front and rear of the barrel ensure an astounding level of grip, whilst the finer shark-cut grip at the taper guarantees consistent finger placement throw after throw.

Spina 90% darts are available in both black and gold titanium nitride models, both of which are completed with eye-catching, blue metallic coated rings.

Steeltip darts are available in 21gR, 22gR, 23gR, 24gR, 25gR and 26gR. Softip is available in 18gR and 20gR.

The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with Supergrip Fusion shafts, Prime flights and spare laser engraved points (steeltip only) to complete their sophisticated look.

Harrows Spina Gold Soft Tip Darts