Shot Warrior Tipu Soft Tip Darts

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You’ve always played things your way, and Tipu – meaning to grow and prosper in Te Reo Māori – will help you play even better. This front weighted, 80% tungsten dart features a robust, tightly packed ring grip from nose-to-tail, to stop slippage. Forever the non-conformist, Tipu won’t tie you down to a single grip style – you’ll get a confident, accurate throw from anywhere along the barrel. Warrior Tipu is adorned with cinder grip™ in a contemporary tribal tattoo design, which adds superfine traction and control in distinctive Shot Darts style. It’s the dart that fits the way you play.


Sku Weight Barrel Weight Length Diameter
WTSF-118 18gm 16.5gm 47mm 6.3mm
WTSF-120 20gm 18.5gm 47mm 6.6mm
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