Shot Birds of Prey Kite Soft Tip Darts

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Win on the wing

Like a thief in the night, the Kite – named for the black-winged raptor – is an opportunist, silently poised to steal the game with stealth and cunning. The Kite’s 80% tungsten barrel is adorned with cinder grip™ in a contemporary feather design, which adds superfine traction and control in distinctive Shot Darts style. Backed up by Shot’s signature pyramid grip for sure finger placement with no slip, the Birds of Prey Kite soars towards its target when released. Here’s the wingman you need this weekend.


Sku Weight Barrel Weight Length Diameter
BPKSF-118 18gm 16.5gm 45.1mm 6.8mm
BPKSF-120 20gm 18.5gm 45.1mm 7.4mm
  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3 x 80% Tungsten Darts
  • Grip Rating 2/5
  • Front Weighted
  • 3 x Custom Birds of Prey Wings 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
  • 3 x Eagle Claw Two Tone Blue/Black Inbetween Shafts
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